50 Ramadan Recipes - A Delicious & Nutritious Ramadan

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50 Ramadan Recipes - A Delicious & Nutritious Ramadan

Sadaf Shaikh, RD
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50 delicious and nutritious recipes for a healthy Ramadan. The book contains many foods that we're familiar with like Samosas, Shakshuka, Chicken Buns etc but with a touch from a registered dietitian. Sadaf Shaikh, throughout the book, is keeping your tastes in mind and most importantly your health!

Ramadan is a time for spiritual growth and recharging our imaan. Nourish your body as well to help with your ibadah (worship) and make this Ramadan your best. This 50 Ramadan Recipes E-Book will help you to stay energized through food that’s familiar, nutritious and easy to make!

The recipes were created to maximize energy levels throughout your fast and help prevent hunger, headaches, fatigue, etc (uncomfortable signs and symptoms of a low blood sugar). It will outline nutrients that will best support you during the long fasts, offer tips to make recipes easy, and includes traditions from the sunnah.

What’s Included?

  • 50 mouth-watering recipes that will fulfill your cravings yet are super nutritious!
  • 15 Suhoor recipes, 18 Iftar Appetizers, 8 Hydrating Drinks and 9 Evening Snacks & Sweets!
  • Simple and easy to follow recipes, without fancy equipment
  • Guidelines on the best nutrients to have at suhoor, iftar and evening snacks to stay energized and to help prevent hunger
  • Nutritional information for each recipe along with evidenced-based guidelines
  • Sunnah teachings and nutritional recommendations in line with Islamic traditions
  • Insight on how to prevent discomfort for better ibadah
  • Tips and substitute ingredients to make recipes easier and for some food allergens

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50 recipes for suhoor, iftar appetizers and evening snacks to keep you energized throughout your fast!

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